DMT CoreScan®3

The DMT CoreScan®3 produces optical 360° images of drill core in true colour with a standard resolution of 10 pixel/mm and a maximum resolution of 40 pixel/mm. This logging equipment makes it possible to record and calibrate sections of drill core of 25 to 150 mm (slabbed up to 250 mm) diameter up to one meter in length in a single operation. Furthermore, core boxes up to 1050 x 640 mm are scanned in 1 image; larger boxes in 2 images. The scanning software matches to the system processes of the scanned data and generates a true colour core image.


Technical Specifications

  • Length: 1.36 m, Depth: 0.75 m, Height: 1.28 m, Weight: 128 kg
  • Core length: up to 1 m (full circumference and cores slabs)
  • Core diameter: 25 to 150 mm (unrolled core), up to 250 mm (in slabs)
  • Resolution: 5, 10 and 40 pixel/mm (127, 254 and 1016 dpi)